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A How-To Guide to Microdosing Cannabis

A How-To Guide to Microdosing Cannabis

It is a common misunderstanding that one must feel “high” or intoxicated in order to reap the therapeutic benefits associated with cannabis consumption. But…::drumroll::… this is not necessarily the case!  More and more individuals are becoming familiar with the concept of microdosing, which is the use of very small or sub-therapeutic doses of cannabis to gain medicinal benefit without mind-altering effects.  In fact, when dosed properly, microdoses of cannabis can be consumed throughout the day without impediment to productivity and focus, allowing the consumer to reap the value of consumption without psychological impairment.

In the pharmaceutical world, microdosing is certainly not a new concept.  It is a general practice to prescribe a dose of drugs using the minimal amount necessary to elicit a therapeutic effect. Think about any medication that requires titration or an increase in dose over time, such as antidepressants, or can be taken in a variety of doses depending on the endstate needed, like over-the-counter versus prescription-strength ibuprofen. On the flip side, the “dose makes the poison,” meaning, too much of anything, no matter how beneficial it’s perceived, can lead to serious, adverse effects.  Cannabis is no different, and all of these aspects are important when delivering the right amount of cannabis for the intended purpose. So how do we get there, and can we use even less?

Did you know?

Microdosing is used in pre-clinical studies to analyze a drug’s concentration-time effect, giving researchers a starting point for initiation of a clinical trial.  It allows scientists to analyze how a drug affects the way a cell functions in its presence, allowing for the collection of real, human pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic information. Over time, an equal and effective amount of the drug will be present in the bloodstream, and by gathering these data, the lowest effective therapeutic dose can be determined.  In the end, a consumer can reap constant and consistent benefits while minimizing unintended and unwanted adverse effects.

Many also associate microdosing with the recreational use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD and mushrooms.  Many have found positive and sustaining effects on symptoms related to depression and anxiety.  Positively, the consumption of cannabis is following suit, with practitioners and patients using the lowest effective dose of THC to help individuals suffering from chronic pain and mood-related disorders.

At this point, you may be asking yourself… what do I need to know about microdosing cannabis, and how do I get started?

DARWIN Origin Series


Is microdosing the right thing for me?

  • Microdosing is a great way for new patients to engage with cannabis for the first time. In addition, it is also ideal for consumers who need to remain focused, alert and mentally clear, but choose to consume cannabis throughout the day for whatever their intended treatment plan is.

What are the major benefits of microdosing?

  • As stated above, microdosing allows consumers to function while simultaneously benefitting from the therapeutic value of using cannabis. Benefits include pain relief, stress reduction, mental clarity, and mood enhancement. In addition, new consumers can more confidently engage with cannabis without the fear of over-medicating and having a negative experience due to some of THC’s adverse effects.  By utilizing a variety of CBD-to-THC ratios, a new consumer can find their ideal starting dose with less stress, and therefore have an overall better experience while tailoring the amount consumed to their individual needs.

Do all microdoses contain THC? Or, can microdosing be applied to CBD and hemp oil, too?

  • The concept of microdosing does technically focus on the use of THC, but it is not always warranted or necessary depending on the pathological condition of focus because a variety of cannabinoids have therapeutic value. If a consumer is using CBD, whether it be from hemp or cannabis, like any other cannabinoid or drug, the lowest effective dose is ideal.  Keep in mind that CBD does have an effect on mood and can be pharmacologically considered psychoactive, though not intoxicating.


So… How do I get started?

Step 1:  Choose your method of consumption.

  • Microdosing is easiest when using an ingestible formulation of cannabis, like an edible or tincture, because they are easier to dose, but other formulations can be used as well, such as vape cartridges. Look around and ask your local budtender for a reputable product that produces consistent and reliable products, such as Darwin Brands in Arizona.

Step 2:  Choose your dose.

  • Start low and go slow, especially if you are new to cannabis or are aware that you have a low tolerance for THC.  Don’t be afraid to begin with 1 mg of THC to see how you personally react. If you consume an edible, it may take up to two hours to notice any effects, so it is recommended to refrain from consuming more before then.

Step 3:  Construct a dosing schedule.

  • This will be different for orally-ingested products versus inhaled or other formulations that are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, like vaporized oil and transdermals. Once you figure out your preferred formulation and how much of that formulation you need to consume to get the effects you seek, make a note of how long the effects take to kick in, as well as how long they last. You can then design a schedule based on your personal dosing needs.


What are examples of some reliable products to try?

  • Darwin Brands’ Origin Series Caramel Hard Candies come in a dose of 20 mg CBD with 2 mg THC, a wonderful starting place for those looking for a balanced and clear-headed experience without the intoxicating effects. Because the caramels contain 20 mg of CBD, the typical adverse effects associated with THC, such as paranoia and anxiety, is highly mitigated.


If 20 mg of CBD is too much, Darwin also offers their Seriously Good Gummies in a dose containing 10 mg CBD and 2 mg THC.  One great benefit of their edibles is the homogeneity that results from their strict production process.  Feel free to cut them in half and expect half the dose!


Happy Microdosing!

By: Jennifer Corso, BA, MA
Biochemical Exercise Physiologist

Darwin’s Custom Cartridge Bar: The Next Stage in Custom Cannabis

As Featured on DopeMagazine.com: https://dopemagazine.com/darwins-custom-cartridge-bar/

By Jesse Perry


“Ever wonder what it would be like to choose your very own mixture of cannabis distillate and terpenes to craft a personalized vape pen? Us too! Now, there’s an answer to this inquiry in the form of Darwin’s Custom Cartridge Bar, located at Arizona Natural Selections of Scottsdale. There, you can personally select your own additives to create an individualized blend that works specifically for your endocannabinoid system.”

“The process starts by heating up the pure distillate in a dry bath, which decreases the viscosity of the oil. This allows the distillate to be mixed with the other natural flavors and terpenes using a vortex mixer”.

“Now I’m going to add the flavor and terpenes directly to each tube of oil that contains the prescribed amount of THC,” says Corso, “then I’ll inject it into the correctly sized cartridge, and we’ll have a tasty treat.”

Darwin’s Custom Cartridge Bar

Read More on Dopemagazine.com/darwins-custom-cartridge-bar/


Game-Changer ‘DARWIN’ Cannabis Brand Launches on International Darwin Day

Game-Changer ‘DARWIN’ Cannabis Brand Launches on International Darwin Day

Some ideas change everything.

The Darwin™ cannabis brand launches this International Darwin Day – Feb. 12, 2018 – bringing to market an innovative approach to cannabis consumption, worthy of its namesake.

Darwin is the first cannabis brand to structure its products to meet each consumer’s experience level:

  • Origin Series™ for microdosing or for the new consumer, with 2mg THC per dose and various doses of CBD
  • Evolution Series™ for the experienced consumer, with 10mg THC per dose
  • Voyager Series™ exclusively for the connoisseur, with 50mg THC per dose

“This tiered approach takes the guesswork out of the desired experience,” said James George, CMO for Darwin Brands. “It allows patients to self-select their experience level and choose the right dose for them, whether they are curious about cannabis, seeking a microdose, experienced consumers or connoisseurs. We created this tiered structure to see consumers will always enjoy their cannabis with confidence.”

Darwin’s award-winning triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil distillate is the base ingredient for all products and provides a clean smooth taste and draw. “Triple distilling our CO2-extracted cannabis oil allows us to provide the most pure and potent cannabis for our patients,” said George “and delivers a very consistent, clean and clear effect.”

“By applying a scientific approach toward product creation and providing consumers with education, we can craft the most reliable experience,” said Jennifer Corso, Lead Scientist and Laboratory Manager for Darwin Brands. “Our fully-tested, pesticide and solvent-free products provide much-needed consistency and confidence in the emerging cannabis industry.”

Launch products include meticulously-developed distillate oil cartridges, gummies and hard caramel candies.

The brand already has an award already under its belt: First Place vape in the State of Arizona, as voted by judges at the 2018 Errl Cup.

Whether you like long deep draws or shorter hits, the vape cartridge features a unique variable airflow that allows the consumer to tailor their draw. Oil variations include premium flavors and tasty, proprietary terpene blends, some enhanced with specific cannabinoids to reinforce the entourage effect.

Offerings include:

  • ‘Pure Distillate’ – for those seeking a pure, clean effect;
  • ‘Cloud Nine’ – a terpene blend that provides an uplifting mood;
  • ‘Chillax + CBN’ – a terpene blend to relax, with CBN added to remove any edge;
  • ‘Engage + THCV’ – a terpene blend to activate your mind, with added THCV for clarity and focus; and
  •  ‘1:1 CBD:THC’ in the Origin Series for those seeking a balanced microdose.

Darwin also offers Three ‘Series,’ each tailored to meet consumers’ experience level:

  • ‘Origin Series’ with 2mg THC and CBD
  • ‘Evolution Series’ with 10mg THC
  • ‘Voyager Series’ with 50mg THC
  • Award-winning ‘CO2-extracted, triple-distilled, cannabis oil’ for a clean smooth taste and draw is key ingredient in all products
  • Brand promise ‘Enjoy with Confidence’
  • Winner of Best Vape at 2018 ‘Errl Cup’ – variable airflow, ceramic coil, solvent-free, added cannabinoids for unique effects
  • Gummies made from scratch for precise dosing across all three series
  • Hard Caramel Candies made from scratch, across all three series PLUS high dose 25mg CBD candies
  • Exceptional packaging design with detailed dosage and consumption information to guide the consumer’s journey
  • Brand icon: ‘Lion in Three Piece Suit,’ signifying the evolution of the industry, designed by internationally acclaimed Steven Nobel, who illustrated icons such as the American Express Centurion

In a shift for the category, Darwin’s packaging clearly states the amount of THC, not cannabinoids, included in each cartridge. For maximum potency, most 0.6 ml cartridges contain 500 mg THC. The 1.2 ml cartridges contain 1,000 mg of THC – setting another industry standard.

Also included in the product line-up are Darwin’s Seriously Good Gummies, made completely from scratch for precise, homogenous infusion. Say goodbye to hand-infused or sprayed gummies, where THC percentages can vary by as much as 20 percent. Darwin’s strict production process ensures consumers get the exact dose, every time.

Each Seriously Good Gummies pack contains ten individually wrapped, gluten-free gummies, that can be taken on the go. Given they are infused with Darwin’s triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil, you can relish the delicious, fruity flavors, as they are not overpowered by a cannabis taste. Flavors include cherry, piña-colada, orange, blackberry and key lime.

Darwin’s Hard Caramel Candies follow suit. Made from scratch for a smooth, creamy mouth-feel and accurate dosing, this offering goes beyond the three ‘Series’ by including a 25 mg CBD version. This hand-crafted candy is perfect for consumers seeking one of the most potent CBD edibles on the market.

All Darwin packaging includes detailed information on dosing to help guide the consumer experience. The brand symbol – a lion dressed in a three-piece suit – symbolizes the evolution of the industry. It was illustrated by Steven Noble, famous for his line art designs including the American Express centurion. No detail has been spared for these competitively priced products.

“With an exact scientific approach and lots of information, it may appear the brand is serious,” said George, “but we certainly don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are humbled to exist at this moment in time to collectively experience the emergence of this fascinating category. We intend to enjoy this moment with our customers as we advance the industry together.”

The launch of the Darwin cannabis brand will no doubt be an industry game-changer. Find out more at darwinbrands.com and discover the range of premium products for yourself at a dispensary near you.


For more information contact James George: james@darwinbrands.com or 480-999-7762

Darwin Brands launches in Arizona, with plans to roll out nationally in 2018.

For product images visit We Transfer: https://we.tl/AjTWiQjEhG



CBN: The Inconclusive Conclusions

By: Jennifer Corso, BA, MA
Biochemical Exercise Physiologist

How about a bit of trivia: Do you know the first cannabinoid structure that was identified and isolated?  If you guessed it was THC because of its iconic and superior identity with cannabis, think again (and take a puff… games are fun!) It was actually cannabinol (CBN), discovered in the year 1899, structurally mapped by chemist Robert Cahn in the 1930s, and then synthesized by Nobel Laureate and organic chemist Lord Alan Todd.  Only a few years later, THC and CBD were isolated and quickly swept CBN in cultural popularity, political manipulation and therapeutic understanding. But, don’t dare underestimate the OG – CBN has it’s own psychosomatic uses and is a very interesting molecule.

A Little Botany

CBN is known as a product of cannabis degradation; it forms slowly when weed is harvested and left exposed to the typical ambient environment. When THC is exposed to UVA/B light, oxygen and heat, it undergoes an oxidation reaction and loses four hydrogen atoms, creating This change in molecular structure also changes the way CBN binds to endocannabinoid receptors, further altering how it elicits its effects within the body.


But CBN is not just a product of THC or THCV degradation (yes, there exists CBNV, or cannabinovarin). It is also formed normally throughout the plant growth cycle just like other cannabinoid acids such as CBDA and THCA. Cannabinolic acid (CBNA) is present predominantly in chemovars that are reported to cause sleepiness or sedation. Don’t mistake this for an Indica-only association. An example? Purple Sour Diesel, a Sativa-dominant strain and cross of Sour Diesel, Purple Kush, and SR-71, is known for its dose-related energizing effects and high-concentration of THC, but it is also causing notable sleepiness due to the fact it contains CBN, or so we think.

What We Think We Know:

CBN has historically been classified as a mildly intoxicating phytocannabinoid, significantly less than that of THC and its analogs, and less than THCV in higher doses. In contrast, many researchers consider CBN to be non-intoxicating on its own, and it’s still up for debate.  CBN is a weak CB1 and CB2 agonist, and when metabolized into 11-OH-CBN through first pass liver metabolism, its affinity or agonism when interacting with CB1 receptors in the central nervous system increases slightly, but the effects are still thought to be generally mild.

It is widely known for its claim to produce sedating effects and has even been reported to be a 2:1 mg equivalent to diazepam (Valium), a drug commonly prescribed for anxiety (this will be discussed later).  When used in a synergistic fashion with THC, CBN has been stated to increase mental and somatic sedation, as well as increase overall intoxicating effects.  It’s also been reported to help alleviate pain and inflammation.  But how much of the current medical literature supports its therapeutic value?  Does CBN actually do what we all believe?


When administered as an isolated molecule, the majority of the scientific body of literature does not conclusively support claims that CBN is responsible for causing sedation. Surprised? One specific and commonly cited study published in 1975 does conclude that orally-administered CBN enhances feelings of drowsiness, drunkenness, dizziness and a “drugged” feeling, but only when combined with THC.  In addition, the study only recruited five subjects, making the statistical analysis very underpowered and likely significant by chance.

What about the circulating claim relating CBN to diazepam?  This relationship was actually reported by Steep Hill Labs and quickly went viral as a claim by many to cure sleeplessness. But no clinical data exists to support this, and the page stating Steep Hill’s conclusions has been recently removed. There is actually more evidence comparing the use of THC and diazepam in relation to their comparative effects on drowsiness and anxiety. Further, more data support a dose-response relationship between THC and sleepiness when compared to CBN alone. With regard to CBN, the support favors more of an entourage effect, where its potential is seen as a synergistic relationship with other cannabis constituents than of one in isolation.

A not-so-fun fact for the males out there: The NEJM published a study in 1974 concluding that marijuana use may decrease plasma testosterone levels (say what?) Though the mechanism was thought to be linked to hypothalamic and pituitary gonadotropin hormone production, it led to further investigation.  In 1978, an in vitro animal model study published in the journal Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior concluded that both THC and CBN may decrease testosterone secretion by the testes. Further, different mechanisms may exist between THC and CBN’s negative effect on testosterone production, with THC’s effects being more pronounced and having a negative impact on sexual activity. Another study in 1979, one in 1980, another in 2015, concluded similarly regarding CBN’s effects on testosterone suppression. Yikes!

Based on the current body of literature, what are the forward-looking statements?

Cannabinol has been positively supported to be an important pain-relieving cannabinoid, as well as an anti-inflammatory. There is also limited evidence supporting CBN’s ability to stimulate the appetite.  Several studies have also considered the potential antioxidant role of CBN in delaying symptom onset associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a motor neuron disorder, as well as its help with motor relaxation.

Aside from the flower strains discussed above, if you’re in the market for products that have harnessed the effective and supported uses of CBN, be sure to check out Darwin Brands’ Chillax + CBN vape cartridge. Not only does the triple-distilled oil include a consistent and effective 4% CBN in each cartridge, it features a unique blend of terpenes crafted to promote a relaxing mind and body effect. The carefully designed synergism between the aromatics, THC and CBN yields a tasty and effective solution to help you unwind.

As the ability to conduct cannabis-focused research expands, the scientific community will be able to deliver more concrete, evidence-based directives on CBN and the therapeutic value it holds. Stay tuned!

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About Our Award Winning Vapes

Launched in early 2018, DARWIN is an upscale cannabis brand that’s already earned a reputation for changing the way consumers shop for and experience premium cannabis products. The brand’s award-winning cannabis oil has gained a massive following since its debut, and for good reason – offering unmatched quality and impeccable purity, DARWIN’s cannabis vape products are unlike anything else out there.

DARWIN: A New Level of Cannabis Quality

From first glance, it’s clear that DARWIN products stand head and shoulders above the rest. Every last detail has been considered in the creation, design, and packaging of DARWIN products, guaranteeing consumers an upscale experience from beginning to end.

Using triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil distillate, DARWIN ensures the ultimate in purity and potency. Through a carefully-engineered process, all impurities are eliminated, creating an incredibly pure product that provides a smooth draw every time.

DARWIN’s dedication to a scientific approach means you’ll be choosing the most precisely-infused cannabis products on the market, with exact doses for a consistent experience.

Reshaping the Cannabis Experience

DARWIN is the first brand to create product lines tailored to the consumer experience level, simplifying the shopping process and allowing you to select a best-fit option. Taking a tiered approach to structuring their signature product lines, DARWIN has changed the cannabis game entirely. You’ll be able to enjoy the cannabis edible or vape of your choice with confidence, selecting products based on your desired experience.

There are three DARWIN series to explore when shopping for your high-end cannabis products:

  • Origin Series: for cannabis beginners or consumers that prefer microdosing (2mg THC per dose with various doses of CBD)
  • Evolution Series: intended for more experienced cannabis consumers (10 mg THC per dose)
  • Voyager Series: ideal for expert consumers  who are connoisseurs of cannabis or prefer very potent dosing (50 mg THC or more per dose)

Eliminate the guesswork and choose a series based on your preferred experience, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying premium cannabis oil that exceeds every expectation.

Award-Winning Cannabis Vape Products

Considering DARWIN’s innovative approach and unparalleled dedication to quality, it’s not surprising that the brand has already been honored with industry awards. The brand took home the title of First Place Vape in the state of Arizona, beating out the competition at the 2018 Errl Cup.

Thoughtfully Crafted Cannabis Vape Oils

Ready to find the DARWIN vape product that will redefine your cannabis experience? Here are just a few of the excellent options you’ll want to explore:

  • Origin Series cartridges offer a variety of low-dosage products, including:
    • 1:1 CBD:THC (500mg cannabinoids)
    • 1:1 Sweet Citrus ( 500mg cannabinoids)
    • 1:1 Vanilla Bean (500mg cannabinoids)
  • Evolution Series cartridges with THC as high as 97%, featuring delicious flavors and unique vape blends:
    • IPA + Hops Extract (500mg THC)
    • Cloud Nine (500mg THC)
    • Chillax + CBN (450mg THC)
    • Engage + THCV (450mg THC)
    • Earl Gray (450mg THC)
    • Sweet Citrus (500mg THC)
    • Vanilla Bean (500mg THC)
  • Voyager Series cartridges provide a larger volume than the Evolution Series, so they are ideal for experienced consumers who take bigger draws:
    • Cloud Nine (900mg THC)
    • Chillax + CBN (900mg THC)
    • Engage + THCV (900mg THC)

As DARWIN’s distillate is not cut with a solvent (such as PG, PEG, VG, etc) you must use the DARWIN battery as is has the power to vaporize the oil in the ceramic coil of the cartridge. The variable airflow allows you to customize your draw, moving seamlessly between deep draws and shorter hits.

Experience the DARWIN Difference Today

For an upscale cannabis experience that changes the way you vape, find your ideal DARWIN product match today.

About Caramel Hard Candies

DARWIN is an upscale brand specifically crafted for consumers who expect more when it comes to their cannabis products. Founded in 2018, DARWIN quickly rose to the top of industry ranks with their innovative product designs, thoughtful formulations, and impeccable attention to detail.

If you’re searching for cannabis edibles and other products that can meet your sky-high expectations, DARWIN should be on the top of your list. With premium cannabis hard candy collections that include delicious cannabis caramels, DARWIN provides a flavorful cannabis experience that exceeds all others.

Gourmet Edibles Enhanced with Premium Cannabis

DARWIN is an award-winning cannabis brand that consistently demonstrates a commitment to industry best practices, high-quality ingredients, and precision-level formulations. The founding members of DARWIN share a passion for the cannabis experience, and every element of the brand aims at providing consumers with the very best of the best.

Using triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil, DARWIN crafts a range of cannabis products that eliminate impurities, avoid unnecessary additives and provide a consistently excellent experience every single time.

Redefining the Cannabis Consumer Experience

Unlike other cannabis brands, which require a certain amount of guesswork while shopping, DARWIN has simplified your cannabis experience by creating product series based on consumer experience level and desired effects. The brand has three products series that are structured in easy-to-understand tiers, each one specifically designed for beginning, moderate, and advanced cannabis consumers.

When you’re browsing DARWIN cannabis products, finding your best fit is as easy as selecting the series that suits your desired experience:

  • The Origin Series is an excellent option for cannabis beginners or consumers who are interested in microdosing, as well as consumers who prefer CBD-only products (products contain 2mg or less THC per serving and varying levels of CBD)
  • The Evolution Series is ideal for moderately experienced cannabis consumers (10mg THC per serving)
  • The Voyager Series is recommended for advanced cannabis consumers or consumers in need of potent dosing (50mg THC or more per serving)

DARWIN Caramel Hard Candies

The caramel hard candies from DARWIN capture all the decadent flavor of the sweet, buttery treats you might remember from childhood, with the addition of one very important ingredient: pristine-quality THC and CBD. With a variety of concentration ratios to choose from, DARWIN has made it easy to find cannabis candies that provide the experience you want and need.

Premium ingredients infuse DARWIN caramels with gourmet flavor and texture, raising the bar for cannabis-infused edibles everywhere. Natural honey sourced from the mesquites and desert wildflowers of the Sonoran Desert add the perfect amount of sweetness while real cream and fresh butter create a deliciously rich texture in every candy. Each package of DARWIN caramel hard candies contains 5 caramels, individually wrapped to make them easy to take on the go.

Like all DARWIN products, these cannabis candies are offered in a variety of dosage options, so you can easily find one that suits your personal preference:

  • Origin Series Caramel Hard Candies
    • 20mg CBD: 2mg THC
    • 25mg CBD (0mg THC)
  • Evolution Series Caramel Hard Candies
    • 10 mg THC
  • Voyager Series Caramel Hard Candies
    • 50mg THC

Not sure which DARWIN series might be right for you? Consider purchasing a few different products, experimenting with varying formulations to find an ideal match. As always with cannabis edibles, beginners should start low and go slow for the best experience possible.

Shop the Best Cannabis and CBD Edibles from DARWIN Today

For gourmet cannabis edibles that suit your refined tastes, browse our selection of DARWIN cannabis and CBD candies today.

About Our Seriously Good Gummies

From the moment DARWIN debuted in February, 2018, the brand established itself as one to watch in the cannabis industry. Offering consumers a new, high-end option for enjoying premium-quality cannabis products, DARWIN is reshaping the way you shop for cannabis edibles, CBD products, vapes and more. With a solid reputation for unparalleled quality, exceptional manufacturing standards, unrivaled purity, and most importantly; consistency, DARWIN’s Seriously Good Gummies are a must-try.

Premium Cannabis Edibles You’ll Love

Founded by a team of people who are passionate about the world of cannabis, DARWIN leads the industry with its commitment to quality ingredients and quality control standards.

The base ingredient in all DARWIN products is triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil distillate which removes all impurities, providing some of the purest and potent cannabis products in the market. This science-centered approach and unfailing dedication to perfection also helps to deliver exact dosing for a consistent experience every time.

Industry-Leading Innovation from DARWIN

As the first cannabis brand to structure product lines according to the consumer experience level, DARWIN has completely changed the way you shop for cannabis products. Product series are set up in tiers, with each one customized for beginner, experienced, and advanced users. Simply choose the product series that best suits your experience level and desired results, and you’ll be able to enjoy perfect-fit cannabis gummies.

DARWIN products are organized into three, easy-to-understand series:

  • Origin Series, for cannabis beginner or consumers that prefer microdosing (2mg THC per dose with various doses of CBD)
  • Evolution Series, intended for more experienced cannabis consumers (10 mg THC per dose)
  • Voyager Series, ideal for expert consumers who are connoisseurs of cannabis or prefer very potent dosing (50 mg THC or more per dose)

Award-Winning Cannabis Products

When you shop DARWIN-brand edibles, you can be confident you’re investing in products the industry has already recognized as the very best. At the 2018 Errl Cup, DARWIN earned the title of First Place Vape in the state of Arizona, just months after launching their product lines.

DARWIN Seriously Good Gummies

With a straightforward name like Seriously Good Gummies, it’s clear that DARWIN has decided to let the quality of their edibles speak for itself. The brand’s signature production process ensures a perfect experience every time, guaranteeing consistency and purity.

Seriously Good Gummies are individually-wrapped for your convenience and made using simple ingredients such as honey sourced from the blooming deserts of Arizona. Each package includes a mix of ten delicious candies, with flavors including cherry, orange, key lime, blackberry, and pina-colada.

Choose your Series THC only, combination CBD: THC, CBD only versions, each crafted with precision-level dosing:

Not sure which DARWIN series might be right for you? Consider purchasing a few different products, experimenting with varying formulations to find an ideal match. As always with cannabis edibles, beginners should start low and go slow for the best experience possible.

Find Your Perfect Cannabis Gummies from DARWIN

For cannabis and CBD gummies that raise the bar for flavor, purity, consistency, and potency, shop DARWIN Seriously Good Gummies today.

Purity and our Cannabis Products

What is CO₂-Extracted Cannabis Oil?

As vaporizing cannabis oil becomes an increasingly popular method of cannabis consumption, many consumers are looking to make the switch from traditional smoking to vaping. One of the most significant factors that draw consumers to vaping is the dramatic difference in the taste and experience. Rather than inhaling the sometimes harsh, lung-irritating smoke, many people prefer the cleaner, smoother effect of vapor from CO₂-extracted cannabis oil instead.

With the growing popularity of cannabis comes the demand for safer and more health-conscious options. Consumers looking for highly pure, premium quality cannabis products are moving away from hydrocarbon-extracted oil, such as BHO, which uses butane as the primary extraction solvent. Due to the flammability of hydrocarbons like propane and butane, these extraction processes have a historically-supported risk of explosion if proper safety protocols aren’t in place. But even with improved extraction technology, the resulting oil may contain residual solvent if not properly purified before being sold to patients. For the discerning cannabis consumer, CO₂extracted cannabis oil has quickly gained attention as an ideal option.

Why use a CO₂ Extraction Process for Cannabis Oil?

CO₂extracted cannabis oil is an alternative to the more traditional industry extraction methods such as butane or ethanol. The CO₂ extraction process allows for a cleaner, purer final product that eliminates the use of more dangerous and unappealing chemical solvents. This oil may then be used to make a variety of concentrates, may be purified and used in a vaporizer, or as an ingredient in topicals and edibles.

What is CO₂ Cannabis Extraction?

The CO₂ extraction process is what lends CO₂extracted cannabis oil its name. It is a type of supercritical fluid extraction (SFE), which shares attributes of both a gas and a liquid. Gaseous CO₂ is pumped through a temperature- and pressure-controlled system, which transforms it into a supercritical fluid. This fluid is then passed into a chamber containing cannabis plant material or biomass, where it easily passes through the plant cell membranes, dissolving the active compounds. The following phases allow for the separation of compounds such as terpenes, cannabinoids, plant waxes, and lipids, as well as the removal of the remaining CO₂. The resulting product is an unpolluted cannabis extract that can then be used in a variety of medicated products.

Benefits of Using CO₂ During Extraction

CO₂ is used in cannabis extraction for a few different reasons. Not only is it an abundant and naturally occurring compound, but it’s also among the safest non-polar solvents – far safer than options like hydrocarbons. It also transforms more easily than other solvents, which means the solvent properties of supercritical CO₂ can be changed to extract different compounds from cannabis plant material.

Our Vape Products

Choose your series based on the MG per Dose.

CO₂-Derived Products in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has welcomed CO₂-derived products with open arms, particularly those made using high-quality cannabis and a carefully-crafted process. Darwin is among the top names in the cannabis industry providing a range of CO₂-extracted cannabis products, including their Origin, Evolution, and Voyager Series distillate cartridges and edibles.

To learn more about CO₂extracted cannabis oil, how to consume CO₂ oil, and how you can incorporate it into your cannabis experience, visit www.darwinbrands.com or ask about Darwin products in your local dispensary.

Explore the Entourage Effect on your Own Terms at Darwin’s Custom Cartridge Bar

Darwin’s Custom Cartridge Bar

The Darwin™ cannabis brand extends its line of premium cannabis products through the relaunch of their Darwin Custom Cartridge Bar on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

With their award-winning effects-based vapes such as ‘Chillax+CBN’ and ‘Engage+THCV’, patients in Arizona have been able to explore cannabis’ entourage effect and find a premium product to fulfill their needs. Now patients can explore the entourage effect on their own terms, as they craft their very own custom cartridge at the Darwin Custom Cartridge Bar.

On an order form at the bar, patients choose from three base oils – variations of Darwin’s triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil – seven terpenes, six flavors and a range of limited-edition seasonal terpene blends and flavors. A specialist then mixes their unique selection on the spot.

“This is a natural evolution in this fast-paced industry, worthy of the brand’s namesake” said James George, Co-Founder of Darwin Brands. “Launching in Arizona’s highly sophisticated medical market with patients who are largely cannabis connoisseurs, pushes us forward. We crafted the Darwin Custom Cartridge Bar to uniquely provide these more knowledgeable consumers, who are eager to delve deeper into the entourage effect, the ability to find cannabinoid and terpene combinations to remedy their needs.”

The custom cartridge provides a consistent 710mg of cannabinoids, whether it’s pure THC, THC+CBN or 1:1 CBD:THC. The ability to craft your own super-premium cartridge does come with a premium price tag, however, connoisseurs of cannabis are in for a treat.

Darwin Custom Cartridge Bar Menu

Darwin’s award-winning triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil distillate is the base ingredient for not only their vapes, but all their products and provides a clean smooth taste and draw. “Triple distilling our CO2-extracted cannabis oil allows us to provide the most pure and potent cannabis for our patients,” said Jennifer Corso, Darwin’s lead scientist “So at the Darwin Custom Cartridge Bar they can confidently try various cannabinoids and terpenes to find the combination that meets their needs”.

The brand has a series of awards under its belt; a first place and two-second places for their vapes and first place CBD edible as voted by judges at the Errl Cup and 710 Cups. With products including their Seriously Good Gummies, Caramel Hard Candies, Award Winning Vapes and now the Darwin Custom Cartridge Bar, we look forward to seeing what they next plan.

“We have many ideas, but we are focused on bringing only those we perfect to market” said George “The future of Cannabis is unwritten and we are excited to be part of this evolution in humanity’s history”.

See More at AZMarijuana.com or Visit Arizona Natural Selections Scottsdale Dispensary to experience Darwin’s Custom Cartridge Bar.

What is CBD

CBD, Cannabidiol – What does it actually do?

By: Jennifer Corso, BA, MA
Biochemical Exercise Physiologist

Our nation is struggling to treat lifestyle constructs that foster chronic disease, an opioid crisis, and the existence of an obesity epidemic. Further, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 6.7% of U.S. adults have suffered from a major depressive episode at least once in their life, and another 19.1% have suffered from anxiety in the past year. That’s more than 45 million people at any given time!

Why a population with access to advanced medical research and technology is scrambling to maintain its own well-being is a lengthy discussion ripe with conflict between science, time and fiscal interest. But in contrast, fueled by the end of a prohibition on hemp and legal acceptance of medical marijuana by many states, CBD has been embraced by an ever-rising populus for its ability to do good within the body. Some are going so far to consider it a historically-proven panacea.

But if you’re new to cannabis or wanting to update your education on the topic of CBD, you may ask yourself the following: How does CBD actually illicit the sought-after mental and physical changes we hear about, and what don’t we know? CBD is consumed for a multitude of reasons – to promote a better mood, combat side-effects of THC, and help decrease pain. But of the supporting research that exists, many studies are underpowered, lack good control of variables, don’t include human subjects, and have yet to provide substantial evidence of efficacy, despite the mounting evidence of CBD’s widespread, therapeutic promise.

What is CBD?

First, it is important to understand what CBD is, and what it is not. Cannabidiol (CBD), in its neutral and “activated” form, is the second most abundant phytocannabinoid produced by the cannabis plant. It trails only behind ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the neutral, active component that most people associate with marijuana.

CBD is often referred to as a non-psychoactive (and therefore more socially acceptable) cannabinoid – a technical misrepresentation. By definition, any substance that elicits a change in psychological state or mood can be classified as pharmacologically psychoactive. (Psychoactive should not be confused with intoxication, a term synonymous with being “high,” like after consuming THC.)

What makes CBD psychoactive?

It is used by many individuals to treat non-clinical depression and/or anxiety, both classified by the medical community as mood disorders. A 2010 study published in BJP supports the notion of CBD as an antidepressant because it may activate 5-HT1a (serotonin) receptors. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood and the sleep/wake cycle. CBD’s agonistic properties may act similarly to serotonin, promoting mood balance like an antidepressant. Further, its interaction with the larger 5-HT receptor family may support its use as a panicolytic (anti-panic) drug, which may provide benefit for those suffering from panic attacks.

The strongest example in support of CBD’s psychoactivity can be illustrated by the 2018 FDA approval of Epidiolex, a cannabis-derived CBD drug for use in the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes, two serious forms of epilepsy. A solid scientific consensus has yet to be reached, however, its mode of action as an anti-epileptiform and anticonvulsant is thought to be due to a combination of cumulative effects. These include effects on inflammation, 5-HT serotonin receptors (like described above), and the ability to modulate GABA channels. (GABA is a neurotransmitter that prevents overstimulation of the nervous system, and its receptors are often the target of certain types of anti-anxiety drugs, like Xanax and Valium.)

At this point, it is clear there’s much more to CBD’s interaction within human physiology than we understand. The compound has been praised by many for its anti-inflammatory properties, potentially leading to pain relief and assisting in amelioration of some of the aforementioned disorders.

〉Nerd alert! As an immunoregulator, it’s thought that CBD has an effect on the production and action of various cytokines responsible for regulating inflammation. According to several studies, CBD may increase the activity of interleukin-10 (IL-10) and regulate the pro-inflammatory effects of IL-6, both glycoproteins responsible for regulating inflammation. Though more investigation is warranted, the compound may be useful in treating pain and both Type II diabetes.

CBD’s Effect On THC Intoxication

CBD has been shown to assist in the prevention and counteract several adverse effects of THC intoxication, such as anxiety and memory loss. According to a 2013 article published in Frontiers in Psychiatry, CBD may inhibit these unwanted effects by preventing the reuptake of anandamide, an endogenous and abundant cannabinoid made by our own bodies. Anandamide has a stronger affinity for (or connection to) CB1 receptors than THC – it’s a better fitting key to unlock its own effects the endocannabinoid system. Less anandamide reuptake means more of it is available to be used by the body, trumping THCs ability to make us “high.”

〉Did you know? CBD’s ability to decrease intracellular calcium concentration by way of T-type calcium channel inhibition may also help prevent the neurotoxic effects of high or prolonged use of THC. This mechanism may also play a role in CBD’s anticonvulsant properties.

The understanding of CBD’s psychological and physiological activity within the human body has progressed far beyond this publication. It is being investigated to treat psychosis in Parkinson’s disease, and according to a study being conducted at the University of Miami, may promote recovery in individuals who have suffered from sustained concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Regardless of personal perspective, there does exist a small but growing database of respectable scientific research on its therapeutic potential, and it can only grow from here… stay tuned!

The Scientific Effects of CBD [Cannabidiol]

Cannabidiol [may be a] promising nonpsychotropic therapeutic to prevent the recruitment of microglial cells at neuroinflammatory lesion sites.” Walter, Lisa, et al. “Nonpsychotropic cannabinoid receptors regulate microglial cell migration.” Journal of Neuroscience 23.4 (2003): 1398-1405.