About Our Award Winning Vapes

Launched in early 2018, DARWIN is an upscale cannabis brand that’s already earned a reputation for changing the way consumers shop for and experience premium cannabis products. The brand’s award-winning cannabis oil has gained a massive following since its debut, and for good reason – offering unmatched quality and impeccable purity, DARWIN’s cannabis vape products are unlike anything else out there.

DARWIN: A New Level of Cannabis Quality

From first glance, it’s clear that DARWIN products stand head and shoulders above the rest. Every last detail has been considered in the creation, design, and packaging of DARWIN products, guaranteeing consumers an upscale experience from beginning to end.

Using triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil distillate, DARWIN ensures the ultimate in purity and potency. Through a carefully-engineered process, all impurities are eliminated, creating an incredibly pure product that provides a smooth draw every time.

DARWIN’s dedication to a scientific approach means you’ll be choosing the most precisely-infused cannabis products on the market, with exact doses for a consistent experience.

Reshaping the Cannabis Experience

DARWIN is the first brand to create product lines tailored to the consumer experience level, simplifying the shopping process and allowing you to select a best-fit option. Taking a tiered approach to structuring their signature product lines, DARWIN has changed the cannabis game entirely. You’ll be able to enjoy the cannabis edible or vape of your choice with confidence, selecting products based on your desired experience.

There are three DARWIN series to explore when shopping for your high-end cannabis products:

  • Origin Series: for cannabis beginners or consumers that prefer microdosing (2mg THC per dose with various doses of CBD)
  • Evolution Series: intended for more experienced cannabis consumers (10 mg THC per dose)
  • Voyager Series: ideal for expert consumers  who are connoisseurs of cannabis or prefer very potent dosing (50 mg THC or more per dose)

Eliminate the guesswork and choose a series based on your preferred experience, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying premium cannabis oil that exceeds every expectation.

Award-Winning Cannabis Vape Products

Considering DARWIN’s innovative approach and unparalleled dedication to quality, it’s not surprising that the brand has already been honored with industry awards. The brand took home the title of First Place Vape in the state of Arizona, beating out the competition at the 2018 Errl Cup.

Thoughtfully Crafted Cannabis Vape Oils

Ready to find the DARWIN vape product that will redefine your cannabis experience? Here are just a few of the excellent options you’ll want to explore:

  • Origin Series cartridges offer a variety of low-dosage products, including:
    • 1:1 CBD:THC (500mg cannabinoids)
    • 1:1 Sweet Citrus ( 500mg cannabinoids)
    • 1:1 Vanilla Bean (500mg cannabinoids)
  • Evolution Series cartridges with THC as high as 97%, featuring delicious flavors and unique vape blends:
    • IPA + Hops Extract (500mg THC)
    • Cloud Nine (500mg THC)
    • Chillax + CBN (450mg THC)
    • Engage + THCV (450mg THC)
    • Earl Gray (450mg THC)
    • Sweet Citrus (500mg THC)
    • Vanilla Bean (500mg THC)
  • Voyager Series cartridges provide a larger volume than the Evolution Series, so they are ideal for experienced consumers who take bigger draws:
    • Cloud Nine (900mg THC)
    • Chillax + CBN (900mg THC)
    • Engage + THCV (900mg THC)

As DARWIN’s distillate is not cut with a solvent (such as PG, PEG, VG, etc) you must use the DARWIN battery as is has the power to vaporize the oil in the ceramic coil of the cartridge. The variable airflow allows you to customize your draw, moving seamlessly between deep draws and shorter hits.

Experience the DARWIN Difference Today

For an upscale cannabis experience that changes the way you vape, find your ideal DARWIN product match today.