Darwin’s Custom Cartridge Bar: The Next Stage in Custom Cannabis

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By Jesse Perry


“Ever wonder what it would be like to choose your very own mixture of cannabis distillate and terpenes to craft a personalized vape pen? Us too! Now, there’s an answer to this inquiry in the form of Darwin’s Custom Cartridge Bar, located at Arizona Natural Selections of Scottsdale. There, you can personally select your own additives to create an individualized blend that works specifically for your endocannabinoid system.”

“The process starts by heating up the pure distillate in a dry bath, which decreases the viscosity of the oil. This allows the distillate to be mixed with the other natural flavors and terpenes using a vortex mixer”.

“Now I’m going to add the flavor and terpenes directly to each tube of oil that contains the prescribed amount of THC,” says Corso, “then I’ll inject it into the correctly sized cartridge, and we’ll have a tasty treat.”

Darwin’s Custom Cartridge Bar

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