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A How-To Guide to Microdosing Cannabis

A How-To Guide to Microdosing Cannabis

It is a common misunderstanding that one must feel “high” or intoxicated in order to reap the therapeutic benefits associated with cannabis consumption. But…::drumroll::… this is not necessarily the case!  More and more individuals are becoming familiar with the concept of microdosing, which is the use of very small or sub-therapeutic doses of cannabis to gain medicinal benefit without mind-altering effects.  In fact, when dosed properly, microdoses of cannabis can be consumed throughout the day without impediment to productivity and focus, allowing the consumer to reap the value of consumption without psychological impairment.

In the pharmaceutical world, microdosing is certainly not a new concept.  It is a general practice to prescribe a dose of drugs using the minimal amount necessary to elicit a therapeutic effect. Think about any medication that requires titration or an increase in dose over time, such as antidepressants, or can be taken in a variety of doses depending on the endstate needed, like over-the-counter versus prescription-strength ibuprofen. On the flip side, the “dose makes the poison,” meaning, too much of anything, no matter how beneficial it’s perceived, can lead to serious, adverse effects.  Cannabis is no different, and all of these aspects are important when delivering the right amount of cannabis for the intended purpose. So how do we get there, and can we use even less?

Did you know?

Microdosing is used in pre-clinical studies to analyze a drug’s concentration-time effect, giving researchers a starting point for initiation of a clinical trial.  It allows scientists to analyze how a drug affects the way a cell functions in its presence, allowing for the collection of real, human pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic information. Over time, an equal and effective amount of the drug will be present in the bloodstream, and by gathering these data, the lowest effective therapeutic dose can be determined.  In the end, a consumer can reap constant and consistent benefits while minimizing unintended and unwanted adverse effects.

Many also associate microdosing with the recreational use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD and mushrooms.  Many have found positive and sustaining effects on symptoms related to depression and anxiety.  Positively, the consumption of cannabis is following suit, with practitioners and patients using the lowest effective dose of THC to help individuals suffering from chronic pain and mood-related disorders.

At this point, you may be asking yourself… what do I need to know about microdosing cannabis, and how do I get started?

DARWIN Origin Series


Is microdosing the right thing for me?

  • Microdosing is a great way for new patients to engage with cannabis for the first time. In addition, it is also ideal for consumers who need to remain focused, alert and mentally clear, but choose to consume cannabis throughout the day for whatever their intended treatment plan is.

What are the major benefits of microdosing?

  • As stated above, microdosing allows consumers to function while simultaneously benefitting from the therapeutic value of using cannabis. Benefits include pain relief, stress reduction, mental clarity, and mood enhancement. In addition, new consumers can more confidently engage with cannabis without the fear of over-medicating and having a negative experience due to some of THC’s adverse effects.  By utilizing a variety of CBD-to-THC ratios, a new consumer can find their ideal starting dose with less stress, and therefore have an overall better experience while tailoring the amount consumed to their individual needs.

Do all microdoses contain THC? Or, can microdosing be applied to CBD and hemp oil, too?

  • The concept of microdosing does technically focus on the use of THC, but it is not always warranted or necessary depending on the pathological condition of focus because a variety of cannabinoids have therapeutic value. If a consumer is using CBD, whether it be from hemp or cannabis, like any other cannabinoid or drug, the lowest effective dose is ideal.  Keep in mind that CBD does have an effect on mood and can be pharmacologically considered psychoactive, though not intoxicating.


So… How do I get started?

Step 1:  Choose your method of consumption.

  • Microdosing is easiest when using an ingestible formulation of cannabis, like an edible or tincture, because they are easier to dose, but other formulations can be used as well, such as vape cartridges. Look around and ask your local budtender for a reputable product that produces consistent and reliable products, such as Darwin Brands in Arizona.

Step 2:  Choose your dose.

  • Start low and go slow, especially if you are new to cannabis or are aware that you have a low tolerance for THC.  Don’t be afraid to begin with 1 mg of THC to see how you personally react. If you consume an edible, it may take up to two hours to notice any effects, so it is recommended to refrain from consuming more before then.

Step 3:  Construct a dosing schedule.

  • This will be different for orally-ingested products versus inhaled or other formulations that are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, like vaporized oil and transdermals. Once you figure out your preferred formulation and how much of that formulation you need to consume to get the effects you seek, make a note of how long the effects take to kick in, as well as how long they last. You can then design a schedule based on your personal dosing needs.


What are examples of some reliable products to try?

  • Darwin Brands’ Origin Series Caramel Hard Candies come in a dose of 20 mg CBD with 2 mg THC, a wonderful starting place for those looking for a balanced and clear-headed experience without the intoxicating effects. Because the caramels contain 20 mg of CBD, the typical adverse effects associated with THC, such as paranoia and anxiety, is highly mitigated.


If 20 mg of CBD is too much, Darwin also offers their Seriously Good Gummies in a dose containing 10 mg CBD and 2 mg THC.  One great benefit of their edibles is the homogeneity that results from their strict production process.  Feel free to cut them in half and expect half the dose!


Happy Microdosing!

By: Jennifer Corso, BA, MA
Biochemical Exercise Physiologist

Game-Changer ‘DARWIN’ Cannabis Brand Launches on International Darwin Day

Game-Changer ‘DARWIN’ Cannabis Brand Launches on International Darwin Day

Some ideas change everything.

The Darwin™ cannabis brand launches this International Darwin Day – Feb. 12, 2018 – bringing to market an innovative approach to cannabis consumption, worthy of its namesake.

Darwin is the first cannabis brand to structure its products to meet each consumer’s experience level:

  • Origin Series™ for microdosing or for the new consumer, with 2mg THC per dose and various doses of CBD
  • Evolution Series™ for the experienced consumer, with 10mg THC per dose
  • Voyager Series™ exclusively for the connoisseur, with 50mg THC per dose

“This tiered approach takes the guesswork out of the desired experience,” said James George, CMO for Darwin Brands. “It allows patients to self-select their experience level and choose the right dose for them, whether they are curious about cannabis, seeking a microdose, experienced consumers or connoisseurs. We created this tiered structure to see consumers will always enjoy their cannabis with confidence.”

Darwin’s award-winning triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil distillate is the base ingredient for all products and provides a clean smooth taste and draw. “Triple distilling our CO2-extracted cannabis oil allows us to provide the most pure and potent cannabis for our patients,” said George “and delivers a very consistent, clean and clear effect.”

“By applying a scientific approach toward product creation and providing consumers with education, we can craft the most reliable experience,” said Jennifer Corso, Lead Scientist and Laboratory Manager for Darwin Brands. “Our fully-tested, pesticide and solvent-free products provide much-needed consistency and confidence in the emerging cannabis industry.”

Launch products include meticulously-developed distillate oil cartridges, gummies and hard caramel candies.

The brand already has an award already under its belt: First Place vape in the State of Arizona, as voted by judges at the 2018 Errl Cup.

Whether you like long deep draws or shorter hits, the vape cartridge features a unique variable airflow that allows the consumer to tailor their draw. Oil variations include premium flavors and tasty, proprietary terpene blends, some enhanced with specific cannabinoids to reinforce the entourage effect.

Offerings include:

  • ‘Pure Distillate’ – for those seeking a pure, clean effect;
  • ‘Cloud Nine’ – a terpene blend that provides an uplifting mood;
  • ‘Chillax + CBN’ – a terpene blend to relax, with CBN added to remove any edge;
  • ‘Engage + THCV’ – a terpene blend to activate your mind, with added THCV for clarity and focus; and
  •  ‘1:1 CBD:THC’ in the Origin Series for those seeking a balanced microdose.

Darwin also offers Three ‘Series,’ each tailored to meet consumers’ experience level:

  • ‘Origin Series’ with 2mg THC and CBD
  • ‘Evolution Series’ with 10mg THC
  • ‘Voyager Series’ with 50mg THC
  • Award-winning ‘CO2-extracted, triple-distilled, cannabis oil’ for a clean smooth taste and draw is key ingredient in all products
  • Brand promise ‘Enjoy with Confidence’
  • Winner of Best Vape at 2018 ‘Errl Cup’ – variable airflow, ceramic coil, solvent-free, added cannabinoids for unique effects
  • Gummies made from scratch for precise dosing across all three series
  • Hard Caramel Candies made from scratch, across all three series PLUS high dose 25mg CBD candies
  • Exceptional packaging design with detailed dosage and consumption information to guide the consumer’s journey
  • Brand icon: ‘Lion in Three Piece Suit,’ signifying the evolution of the industry, designed by internationally acclaimed Steven Nobel, who illustrated icons such as the American Express Centurion

In a shift for the category, Darwin’s packaging clearly states the amount of THC, not cannabinoids, included in each cartridge. For maximum potency, most 0.6 ml cartridges contain 500 mg THC. The 1.2 ml cartridges contain 1,000 mg of THC – setting another industry standard.

Also included in the product line-up are Darwin’s Seriously Good Gummies, made completely from scratch for precise, homogenous infusion. Say goodbye to hand-infused or sprayed gummies, where THC percentages can vary by as much as 20 percent. Darwin’s strict production process ensures consumers get the exact dose, every time.

Each Seriously Good Gummies pack contains ten individually wrapped, gluten-free gummies, that can be taken on the go. Given they are infused with Darwin’s triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil, you can relish the delicious, fruity flavors, as they are not overpowered by a cannabis taste. Flavors include cherry, piña-colada, orange, blackberry and key lime.

Darwin’s Hard Caramel Candies follow suit. Made from scratch for a smooth, creamy mouth-feel and accurate dosing, this offering goes beyond the three ‘Series’ by including a 25 mg CBD version. This hand-crafted candy is perfect for consumers seeking one of the most potent CBD edibles on the market.

All Darwin packaging includes detailed information on dosing to help guide the consumer experience. The brand symbol – a lion dressed in a three-piece suit – symbolizes the evolution of the industry. It was illustrated by Steven Noble, famous for his line art designs including the American Express centurion. No detail has been spared for these competitively priced products.

“With an exact scientific approach and lots of information, it may appear the brand is serious,” said George, “but we certainly don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are humbled to exist at this moment in time to collectively experience the emergence of this fascinating category. We intend to enjoy this moment with our customers as we advance the industry together.”

The launch of the Darwin cannabis brand will no doubt be an industry game-changer. Find out more at darwinbrands.com and discover the range of premium products for yourself at a dispensary near you.


For more information contact James George: james@darwinbrands.com or 480-999-7762

Darwin Brands launches in Arizona, with plans to roll out nationally in 2018.

For product images visit We Transfer: https://we.tl/AjTWiQjEhG