About Caramel Hard Candies

DARWIN is an upscale brand specifically crafted for consumers who expect more when it comes to their cannabis products. Founded in 2018, DARWIN quickly rose to the top of industry ranks with their innovative product designs, thoughtful formulations, and impeccable attention to detail.

If you’re searching for cannabis edibles and other products that can meet your sky-high expectations, DARWIN should be on the top of your list. With premium cannabis hard candy collections that include delicious cannabis caramels, DARWIN provides a flavorful cannabis experience that exceeds all others.

Gourmet Edibles Enhanced with Premium Cannabis

DARWIN is an award-winning cannabis brand that consistently demonstrates a commitment to industry best practices, high-quality ingredients, and precision-level formulations. The founding members of DARWIN share a passion for the cannabis experience, and every element of the brand aims at providing consumers with the very best of the best.

Using triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil, DARWIN crafts a range of cannabis products that eliminate impurities, avoid unnecessary additives and provide a consistently excellent experience every single time.

Redefining the Cannabis Consumer Experience

Unlike other cannabis brands, which require a certain amount of guesswork while shopping, DARWIN has simplified your cannabis experience by creating product series based on consumer experience level and desired effects. The brand has three products series that are structured in easy-to-understand tiers, each one specifically designed for beginning, moderate, and advanced cannabis consumers.

When you’re browsing DARWIN cannabis products, finding your best fit is as easy as selecting the series that suits your desired experience:

  • The Origin Series is an excellent option for cannabis beginners or consumers who are interested in microdosing, as well as consumers who prefer CBD-only products (products contain 2mg or less THC per serving and varying levels of CBD)
  • The Evolution Series is ideal for moderately experienced cannabis consumers (10mg THC per serving)
  • The Voyager Series is recommended for advanced cannabis consumers or consumers in need of potent dosing (50mg THC or more per serving)

DARWIN Caramel Hard Candies

The caramel hard candies from DARWIN capture all the decadent flavor of the sweet, buttery treats you might remember from childhood, with the addition of one very important ingredient: pristine-quality THC and CBD. With a variety of concentration ratios to choose from, DARWIN has made it easy to find cannabis candies that provide the experience you want and need.

Premium ingredients infuse DARWIN caramels with gourmet flavor and texture, raising the bar for cannabis-infused edibles everywhere. Natural honey sourced from the mesquites and desert wildflowers of the Sonoran Desert add the perfect amount of sweetness while real cream and fresh butter create a deliciously rich texture in every candy. Each package of DARWIN caramel hard candies contains 5 caramels, individually wrapped to make them easy to take on the go.

Like all DARWIN products, these cannabis candies are offered in a variety of dosage options, so you can easily find one that suits your personal preference:

  • Origin Series Caramel Hard Candies
    • 20mg CBD: 2mg THC
    • 25mg CBD (0mg THC)
  • Evolution Series Caramel Hard Candies
    • 10 mg THC
  • Voyager Series Caramel Hard Candies
    • 50mg THC

Not sure which DARWIN series might be right for you? Consider purchasing a few different products, experimenting with varying formulations to find an ideal match. As always with cannabis edibles, beginners should start low and go slow for the best experience possible.

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