Cannabis Terpenes: Our Unique Approach to Making Terpene Blends


If you’ve ever found yourself appreciating the distinct aroma and flavor of your favorite cannabis products then you’re already familiar with the way terpenes can shape your cannabis experience.

Most cannabis consumers, medicinal and adult-use alike, quickly discover their preferences for certain cannabis strains, vape oil blends, and edibles. Whether you realize it or not, your choice of marijuana products has a lot to do with terpenes and the many therapeutic benefits they offer.

What are Cannabis Terpenes?

Cannabis terpenes are highly volatile, odor-producing molecules produced by the trichomes, or glandular hairs, of the cannabis plant – the same crystalline glands responsible for the production of cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

Terpenes are responsible for the unique aromatic profile of each cannabis strain. It is known that cannabis commonly features a range of notes including pine, mint, citrus, and berry. Currently, it is estimated that the cannabis plant produces more than 150 different terpenes.

What are the Benefits of Terpenes?

In addition to influencing the flavor and aroma of a given strain, terpenes are also thought to contribute to an overall “entourage effect,” working in tandem with other cannabis compounds to produce effects greater or different than the individual compounds alone.

In addition, it is believed that each terpene elicits its own therapeutic benefits within the body, such as relaxation, decreased inflammation, and more.

The Darwin Approach to Terpene Blends

Once you understand the unique value of each individual terpene, it makes sense that you’d want to take full advantage of all of the therapeutic benefits that terpenes have to offer.

However, a surprising number of cannabis and CBD product manufacturers fail to consider the role of terpenes in their vape oils and other products, missing a critical opportunity to enhance their flavors and overall experience.

At Darwin Brands, our focus has always been to maximize the quality and effectiveness of our products in every way possible. This means that in addition to an advanced triple-distillation process, precision-level cannabinoid concentrations, and premium ingredients, we’ve also put effort into utilizing the power of terpenes to provide consumers with a tasty entourage experience.

Our scientific team has conducted extensive research into the distinct aromatic profiles and medicinal benefits of a vast number of terpenes, shaping our understanding of their medicinal effects and potential benefits to the consumer.

Our foundational and keen insight into the science of terpenes enables us to create our signature terpene blends, like the newly-debuted Lemongrass Green Tea blend.

The unique combination of terpenes found in cannabis, green tea and lemongrass features cis-jasmone (which contributes a sweet floral aroma, found in tea leaves and jasmine flowers) and geraniol (which is thought to boost mood and boasts a wonderful rose-like aroma).

Consumers will experience the familiar taste and aroma of a fresh cup of tea alongside a calm, clearheaded experience. Not only do our proprietary formulations like the Lemongrass Green Tea contribute to the effects of your cannabis experience, but also provide a delicious flavor to round-out your overall enjoyment.

Experience the Best in Terpene-Rich Vape Blends from Darwin

Ready to discover the difference between a typical cannabis vape oil and one that’s been expertly formulated with a unique and effective blend of terpenes? Once you make the switch, we’re willing to bet that you’ll never turn back!

Darwin offers a wide selection of premium cannabis vape blends, divided into easy-to-shop product Series that you can explore based on your desired effect. No matter what your experience level or preferences may be, there’s a Darwin premium cannabis product that’s right for you.

Visit your nearest dispensary to learn more about Darwin’s premium cannabis products and find the best in high-quality terpene blend to suit your lifestyle.