About Our Seriously Good Gummies

From the moment DARWIN debuted in February, 2018, the brand established itself as one to watch in the cannabis industry. Offering consumers a new, high-end option for enjoying premium-quality cannabis products, DARWIN is reshaping the way you shop for cannabis edibles, CBD products, vapes and more. With a solid reputation for unparalleled quality, exceptional manufacturing standards, unrivaled purity, and most importantly; consistency, DARWIN’s Seriously Good Gummies are a must-try.

Premium Cannabis Edibles You’ll Love

Founded by a team of people who are passionate about the world of cannabis, DARWIN leads the industry with its commitment to quality ingredients and quality control standards.

The base ingredient in all DARWIN products is triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil distillate which removes all impurities, providing some of the purest and potent cannabis products in the market. This science-centered approach and unfailing dedication to perfection also helps to deliver exact dosing for a consistent experience every time.

Industry-Leading Innovation from DARWIN

As the first cannabis brand to structure product lines according to the consumer experience level, DARWIN has completely changed the way you shop for cannabis products. Product series are set up in tiers, with each one customized for beginner, experienced, and advanced users. Simply choose the product series that best suits your experience level and desired results, and you’ll be able to enjoy perfect-fit cannabis gummies.

DARWIN products are organized into three, easy-to-understand series:

  • Origin Series, for cannabis beginner or consumers that prefer microdosing (2mg THC per dose with various doses of CBD)
  • Evolution Series, intended for more experienced cannabis consumers (10 mg THC per dose)
  • Voyager Series, ideal for expert consumers who are connoisseurs of cannabis or prefer very potent dosing (50 mg THC or more per dose)

Award-Winning Cannabis Products

When you shop DARWIN-brand edibles, you can be confident you’re investing in products the industry has already recognized as the very best. At the 2018 Errl Cup, DARWIN earned the title of First Place Vape in the state of Arizona, just months after launching their product lines.

DARWIN Seriously Good Gummies

With a straightforward name like Seriously Good Gummies, it’s clear that DARWIN has decided to let the quality of their edibles speak for itself. The brand’s signature production process ensures a perfect experience every time, guaranteeing consistency and purity.

Seriously Good Gummies are individually-wrapped for your convenience and made using simple ingredients such as honey sourced from the blooming deserts of Arizona. Each package includes a mix of ten delicious candies, with flavors including cherry, orange, key lime, blackberry, and pina-colada.

Choose your Series THC only, combination CBD: THC, CBD only versions, each crafted with precision-level dosing:

Not sure which DARWIN series might be right for you? Consider purchasing a few different products, experimenting with varying formulations to find an ideal match. As always with cannabis edibles, beginners should start low and go slow for the best experience possible.

Find Your Perfect Cannabis Gummies from DARWIN

For cannabis and CBD gummies that raise the bar for flavor, purity, consistency, and potency, shop DARWIN Seriously Good Gummies today.